Is It Time To Clean Your Grease Trap? Here’s How To Tell

Grease traps are very important due to the fact that, when taken care of properly, they keep grease from making its way to your septic system.

With that said, however, grease traps have to be cleaned regularly in order to continue functioning properly. If you fail to clean them or don't clean them properly or thoroughly, this could easily lead to a blockage. That, in turn, could lead to your system backing up, which can be disgusting to clean up and even cause you to lose days of business!

To keep that from happening to you, educate yourself on the indicators that it's time to clean your grease trap. Then, when the time comes, don't delay!

Sign #1: It's Been a Month or More

How often you will need to clean your grease trap will depend on a variety of factors, such as how often it gets used and to what degree. With that said, however, most grease traps should not go much longer than a month or so without being professionally cleaned.

If you are unsure how long it's been since your grease trap was cleaned or if you know it's been longer than a month, it's definitely time to call on professionals.

Best of all, they can get you set up on a good schedule of regular maintenance and cleaning that is suitable for your particular grease trap.

Sign #2: You Notice Bad Smells

Another dead giveaway that it's time to get your grease trap cleaned is if you notice bad odors coming from the area near the grease trap.

These odors are often caused by trapped food waste that is clogged in the grease trap and rotting, giving off an unpleasant smell.

The problem will only get worse if you don't tend to it quickly, so make sure you don't ignore the issue.

Sign #3: You Have Drainage Issues

Finally, you will want to take note if your sinks suddenly start draining very slowly, backing up, or not draining at all.

Any of these problems could indicate that your grease trap is backed up or even clogged. In any case, it will need professional cleaning, so tend to it immediately.

As you can see, you will typically know when your grease trap needs to be cleaned, especially if you watch out for these signs. When the time comes, just make sure you let an experienced professional, such as from Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services, handle the job.