A Closer Look At The Disinfecting Process After A Water Well Has Been Flooded

The rain came down at a rapid rate, your property flooded, and so did your water well. The last thing you should do when the water subsides is to go ahead and use your well like nothing happened. Flooding can contaminate an otherwise good water well with all kinds of dangerous substances and bacteria that can be a threat to the health of the people in your household. Therefore, well disinfecting after a flood is necessary. If your water well has been floods, it is best to contact a well maintenance professional to have it properly disinfected. Here is a look at what will happen when you have your water well disinfected after a flood. 

The water will be ran from the well until it is clear. 

One of the first things homeowners usually notice about their well water after a flood is that it has a cloudy or murky appearance. In most cases, this cloudy or murky water can be eliminated simply by running a faucet or outdoor spigot until the water runs clear. This process flushes the dirty water from the well and the well water lines. However, just because the water is clear in appearance will not mean it is totally safe. 

The well will be disinfected with bleach or an alternative solution. 

Bleach is the most common solution for disinfecting a suspected contaminated water well after a flood. However, in some cases, an alternative solution will be used. Either way, the solution will go directly into the well, so the contractor will pour a predetermined amount down into the well shaft and allow the solution to settle in with the water. The contractor will turn on a hose or faucet and wait for the smell of chlorine to show up. Once it does, they will shut off the water and allow the solution to do its work inside of the water lines. 

The water in the well will be flushed after a waiting period. 

After the cleaning solution is added to the well, your contractor may leave and come back the next day or several hours later to flush the chlorinated water out of the well. To do this, they will turn on several faucets inside the house and out and allow the water from the well to run through until the cleaning solution used is no longer detected. Once this process is complete, your water should be ready for consumption. 

For more information and help with your flooded well, contact a professional company that offers maintenance for wells.